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Helping your child with exam stress with Clare Josa

As we are still in exam season I am kicking off the series with my conversation with Clare Josa and how to help your child with exam stress.

We can’t avoid exams (they are starting earlier and earlier and won’t stop until University so there is no getting away from this one!) so the more we can do to make sure our children our equipped to deal with them the better.

Whether it is helping our children build up a range of skills and techniques so they can help themselves or as parents being able to spot problems and tackle meltdowns this is an important topic.

Clare Josa is an author, international speaker and mindset mentor. She is a long-time certified NLP trainer, meditation and yoga teacher and author of 5 life-changing books include Dare to Dream Bigger and various online courses on Imposter Syndrome and Limiting Beliefs. Clare has recently launched the '7 1/2 ways to beat exam stress fast’ after helping her own son with exam stress and I wanted to talk to her about some of the techniques she recommends.

Some highlights of our conversation include:

How to spot the signs of stress.

Step zero when it comes to helping our children.

How to keep the conversation going when talking to your parents becomes taboo.

Figuring out where the stress is coming from and what to do about it.

Clare ‘Magic question’ - the one we ALL need to remember and when to ask it.

Using positive affirmations to get kids into the right mindset to approach exams in the best possible way.

Useful links:

Clare Josa’s Beat Exam Stress website

7 ½ ways to beat exam stress course

A Year Full of Gratitude by Clare Josa

Clare Josa on Instagram

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