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How to raise world ready kids

Have you ever wondered what skills our kids really need these days? well you are in the right place!

Welcome to the Curious Parent Podcast with me, Francesca Geens, mother, entrepreneur, productivity strategist and generally curious person who is setting out to understand what makes world ready kids.

In this first series I’m drilling down into the real-life skills that will help our children be best prepared for the world ahead. When we read daily reports of this generation growing up more stressed than ever and with claims that 60% of the jobs that primary age children are going into don’t even exist there is so much more needed than a traditional education can provide.

Mindfulness is on the rise, there is a return to journaling and people are realising there is a need to curb their screen time. With books on Mindset, Grit and Deep Work becoming mainstream as well as increasing press on the Science of Happiness there is scope to bring more of this to our children.

So what if we didn’t wait until we were adults to figure out the skills we need to be happy and successful in an increasingly busy world? Can we introduce skills, mindsets and habits at a younger age so that our children grow up equipped to help themselves?

In this series I have talked to eight experts who all in their own way can give us insight into how we can approach parenting to help our children develop a better skill-set for the world ahead. We talk about helping children with exam stress, how to handle technology, developing a positive mindset, how to raise productive and organised children, how to talk about failure in a positive way, the importance of creativity, ways to foster resilience and how to get started with journaling amongst other things.

I also asked all my guests what they wished they had learned at school but didn’t and what advice they would give their younger selves aged 12. Their answers will inspire you and provide plenty to reflect on and I challenge you to answer those questions for yourselves and share the answer with your children at dinner tonight.

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