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A simple hack to reduce family screen time and build better habits

1 June 2018

I have my daughter to thank for this simple hack that will help you reduce family screen time.

Do you find that despite your best intentions it is still too easy to catch yourself checking your phone without there being any real need to do so?

And if you do so will your kids.

We are trying all sorts of things in our family to make weekends more offline but I have to admit this isn't always easy. We often have switch off Sundays (or entire screen free weekends) and have clear rules about screen time and where phones are kept and used.

I was therefore delighted to find this on my daughter’s phone:

A little hack she is using to help her be more mindful with her use of time.

We can all learn from this to help reduce family screen time and build better habits in the process if we adopt it across all our devices.

I should say my daughter is only 12 so she doesn’t have a ‘real’ phone yet but an old handset which connects to wifi at home and is mainly used to coo over the Cats of Instagram or watch slime videos (welcome to my world).

But it's such a clever way to prompt yourself into a better habit whilst breaking a bad one.

Whether it's encouraging your kids to go read a book, do their music practice or go play outside or just reminding yourself to go for a run or drink a glass of water use this little patch of screen real estate to your advantage.

How about spending some time as a family to set new lock screen images on your various phones and tablets that remind you all of screen free alternatives.

It will help the whole family focus on what really matters. Let me know how you get on by sharing your efforts over on Instagram or Facebook @happyselfjournal